Fatih Area Istanbul

Fatih Area,

Fatih area in Istanbul is one of the oldest districts and is located on the European side. It is a district that is considered the region and the center of the city.

The Fatih area is surrounded by Zeytinburnu, the Golden Horn, the Istanbul Strait and the Sea of Marmara. Fatih has long been one of the two districts on the peninsula.

Although it is not a rural settlement, this district has a very large area.

The most popular historical places of Istanbul such as Eminönü, Galata Bridge, Sultanahmet, Gülhane Park and Hagia Sophia are located in this district.

You can discover the rich Ottoman and Byzantine history by visiting Fatih district. There are a lot of amazing historical destinations to see.

What are the best historical and tourist places to visit in the Fatih area ?

The Fatih area is one of the attractions for tourists from all over the world. It includes a large number of archeological sites of historical value as well as a large number of tourist attractions, such as:

Grand Bazaar,

  • The Grand Bazaar: also known as “Kapalicarsi” in Turkish, meaning “Covered Market”, is located in Beyazit, Istanbul.
    It is a covered market and an endless maze, one of the must-see tourist attractions. It is one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world.
    The Grand Bazaar is a meeting place for thousands of visitors daily and a selling place for old and new products.
    It is like a mosaic museum and has cultural, historical and tourist value for Istanbul and Turkey alike.
    Even if you do not want to buy anything, a walk through the stores will surely awaken all your senses and give you the romantic atmosphere of old Istanbul with a dose of authenticity.

fatih area istanbul, Fatih Mosque,

  • Fatih Mosque: is one of the many mosques built during the Ottoman Empire. It was named after the Ottoman Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih. It is a great example of Turkish Islamic architecture in Istanbul and represents an important stage in the development of ancient Turkish architecture.
    The mosque consists of two identical minarets and its minbar has hand-drawn baroque decorations.
    It also has a large courtyard surrounded by many columns and arches, and in the center there is a place for ablution. In the southern part is the shrine of Sultan Mehmed Fatih, which is surrounded by a decorative glass fence.


  • Sultanahmet: Sultanahmet is one of the most important tourist areas of Istanbul and administratively belongs to the Fateh district.
    There are many prominent places here that attract visitors, and many of them bear witness to the civilizations that lived here in the past.
    In addition, the important location of Sultanahmet and the wonderful climate that prevails here add to the splendor and beauty of this area.
    Sultanahmet is probably the best place for sightseeing. Home to Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, among others, Sultanahmet will amaze you with its historical treasures and incredible architectural masterpieces.

Egyptian Bazaar,

  • The Egyptian Bazaar: The Egyptian Bazaar or Spice Bazaar is located in the Eminoenue neighborhood and is filled with the scent of the exotic East.
    Stroll through the market and find colorful spices, dried herbs and fruits, jams, nuts, coffee and Turkish delicacies.
    The market has a stone floor, decorative domes and ancient walls, mixed with decorated Ottoman products, colorful lamps and silver.
    The spice market has gained worldwide fame over time; it used to be called “the Ottoman pharmacy”. pro antiques that give visitors a sense of irresistible magic.


  • The Eminonu district in Istanbul is one of the most beautiful tourist spots on the European side of Istanbul and is considered one of the most important train stations that will take you to the Asian side of the city. Administratively, Eminonu belongs to the Fatih district and offers a charming view of the Bosphorus and many historical monuments.

Topkapi Palace,

  • Topkapi Palace: It is considered one of the greatest historical palaces known to the country, as it served as a residence for the sultans of the Ottoman Empire. It is worth mentioning that Topkapi Palace was classified as one of the landmarks of the historical areas of Istanbul by UNESCO and was declared a World Heritage Site in 1985.
    The palace houses some of the most important sacred Islamic monuments.
    However, despite the fact that this palace is visited daily by a large number of tourists, in reality it was not very luxurious and extravagant.

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What are the advantages of investing in the Fatih area?

Investments in the Fatih region have experienced a great boom in recent years.

This is due to the advantages that this region offers and attracts investors, such as the high quality of the investment areas, the advanced organization and the huge profits that can be achieved, as well as the excellent location.

Investment opportunities range from huge commercial centers to buying and selling real estate in all its forms.

Given these advantages, investing in Fatih is a profitable project with distinction.

The real estate market in this area is very dynamic and is in high demand by investors.

The fact that it is located in the center of Istanbul sets it apart from other areas.

Also, there are many educational, health and marketing centers here that offer services to their residents, which makes buying an apartment in Fatih area a great project.

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fatih istanbul

What about transportation in the Fateh area ?

Despite Fateh’s special location, transportation is also excellent.

There is a metro, a streetcar, large and small buses, and a Metrobus station nearby that you can reach by metro or other means of transportation.

And then you move between the neighborhoods of Istanbul easily and in an ideal time and without hassle and trouble.

What is shopping like in the Fatih area of Istanbul ?

In Fatih area in Istanbul, there are many shopping facilities that provide the residents of this neighborhood with everything they need.

There are many popular markets in the neighborhoods that provide daily needs at reasonable prices, and shopping centers that offer various local and international brands to meet their needs.

You can find many investment opportunities that fit your desires in fatih area in Istanbul