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Castles of Turkey: A Fascinating Look at the Country’s Rich Past

There are many different beautiful castles in Turkey. Turkey’s Anatolia region, which geographically accommodates a variety of civilizations, has hundreds of various castles. You are immediately drawn to these magnificent castles in Turkey. Best castles to visit in Turkey Fateh Mohammed constructed this castle in Anatolia in advance of the conquest and opening of Constantinople […]

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Sancaklar Mosque, Sancaklar Mosque in Istanbul,

Sancaklar Mosque in Istanbul boasts unique, modern architecture

Sancaklar Mosque is a newly established mosque in Istanbul with very unique and modern architecture, unlike traditional mosques in Istanbul. By separating itself from the current architectural debates centered on form and concentrating entirely on the core of religious space, Sancaklar Mosque, located in Buyukçekmece, a suburban district on the outskirts of Istanbul, seeks to […]

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The Best Food Delivery App In Turkey

The Best Food Delivery App In Turkey

The Best Food Delivery App in Turkey, In this article, Nirvana Property will discuss the best food delivery apps in Turkey to utilize when traveling in Turkey, but first, a word of caution. Most of them provide more variety and options while you’re in major cities like Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir or well-known Mediterranean coastal […]

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Soumela Monastery In Trabzon,

Soumela Monastery In Trabzon

Soumela Monastery In Trabzon is one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in Turkey. This monastery has a very rich history that will put anyone in awe. How to go to Soumela Monastery In Trabzon? Soumela Monastery In Trabzon is easy to reach as Trabzon has a wide range of transportation, and also hotels to […]

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Best Supermarkets In Istanbul

Best 5 supermarkets in Istanbul

Probably for newcomers to Turkey, groceries are a must. However, there are so many different places to get groceries and shop in Istanbul, which is why Nirvana Property will list you the best supermarkets in Istanbul.  Within Turkey’s boundaries, a large number of grocery chains are successful in business. While there are more international chains […]

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The Top 7 Airports In Turkey For Travellers

Airports in Turkey are one of the best-designed and busiest airports in the world since Turkey is one of the most frequently visited countries by tourists for a variety of reasons and objectives, including tourism, investment, healthcare, real estate, and education. Therefore, airports in Turkey thrive with a very crowded tourism season where millions of […]

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The 9 Best Malls in Istanbul for Fashion Lovers

Let us introduce you to the best malls in Istanbul. Istanbul is Turkey’s premier tourist destination and the country’s cultural and economic center. Istanbul shopping centers, especially those in the European part, are one of the most important places to visit on a tour of Istanbul for shopping and recreation. In Turkey, and especially in […]

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Alanya Turkey, Most details you should know

Geographically speaking, Alanya is a peninsula since it faces the Mediterranean Sea and is surrounded on three sides by a stunning, unspoiled coastline. According to Turkish historical sources, Alanya was first inhabited by the Romans, followed by the Byzantines, the Seljuks, and finally the Ottomans. Today, because of its advantageous geographic location, it has become […]

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Ways to pay bills in Turkey

4 Ways to pay bills in Turkey

There are many ways to pay bills in Turkey as the government takes good care of the comfort of its citizens, and always makes sure to develop easier methods and technologies that provide new ways to pay bills in Turkey. In Turkey, paying monthly bills on time is essential since failing to do so might […]

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