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Turkey Guide

Istanbul Canal | Channel Istanbul Project

Istanbul Canal was called by the Turks “the project of the era” and “the greatest work in the history of the Republic of Turkey”. This is the Istanbul Canal project, which Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced when he was prime minister in 2011 as one of his goals for the new Turkey in 2023. […]

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Turkey Guide

How to register phone in Turkey

How to register phone in Turkey If you are a foreigner in Turkey, all communication and telecommunication devices and equipment, including cell phones, must be imported into Turkey through the relevant authorities and according to the legal and customs procedures, and, most importantly, you must pay certain taxes. You can use your phone for up […]

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Turkey Guide

Istanbul Airport | The largest airport in the world

Despite its distance from the city center, Istanbul Airport, located in Arnavutkoy, is easily accessible by public transportation and major highways. Turkey handles more than 210,000 flights annually. The need for more efficient international airports continues to grow each year due to these visitor and air traffic numbers. The Turkish government is committed to improving […]

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Turkey Guide

The Cost Of Living In Turkey

The cost of living in Turkey is an important thing to consider because wherever you want to go, the cost of living is undoubtedly the driving factor that helps us determine our options. Therefore, living conditions in Turkey determine whether we should move there permanently or temporarily, and when it comes to daily expenses, Turkey’s […]

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I worked with Nirvana when I relocated to Instanbul. The company was terrific—the communication was excellent and their dedication to making sure all my needs were met was relentless.

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After moving my business to Istanbul, I spent most of my time going through the different real estate agencies. I finally found Nirvana, an agency that exceeded all of my expectations.

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I was finally able to finance my dream home thanks to Nirvana.

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