Cheap property in Istanbul

Cheap property in Istanbul is an attraction for many, especially foreigners for many reasons such as tourism, settlement, or investment. Istanbul is a very large city that offers great investment opportunities as it is a global business center and has a large area where you can find different options until you decide on a suitable choice.

Property in Istanbul is considered much cheaper than in Europe, for example, and they also allow different payment plans that really smooth out the whole process of ownership, especially for those with a limited budget, therefore it has been the center of attention for many foreign independent businesses and newcomers.

This also allows investors to make high profits by investing in cheaper areas to maximize their profits.

Turkish construction and development companies have ensured that projects emerge with a wide range of options for all purposes and desires, which goes hand in hand with the work of the Turkish government is offering tax exemptions for real estate to encourage more projects.

The approximate price for a studio unit in Istanbul starts from 120,000$, which is a one-bedroom apartment.

The price increases with the size and number of rooms. Bahcesehir, which has an advantageous location offers cheap property for sale in Istanbul.

You can easily reach not only the city center but also the Ataturk International Airport within a 20 mins drive.

Prices can vary between 100,000$ – 200,000$ for a one-bedroom apartment in Bahcesehir.

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