Bosphorus apartments for sale

Bosphorus Apartments For Sale

The view of the Bosphorus is one of the most beautiful views in Istanbul. Bosphorus Apartments For Sale Here you can see not only the European side but also the Asian side of Istanbul, as the strait of the Bosphorus that separates them comes to light. The Strait of Bosphorus connects the Sea of Marmara […]

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Apartments For Sale In Istanbul Taksim

Apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim

Apartments for sale in Istanbul Taksim, Taksim is one of the most famous neighborhoods on the European side of Istanbul. The city’s landmarks, steeped in history, will transport you to another world that combines a rich history with a brilliant present. This is where civilizations meet. Races and people also mix here. The area is […]

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Istanbul Rich Areas,

Istanbul Rich Areas | Luxury Areas in Istanbul

Istanbul Rich Areas, offers an environment that is suitable for countless lifestyles and provides an excellent experience for all of its residents. The advantages of living in Istanbul are many. Luxurious real estate, a multicultural social structure, a history full of important events, a rich culture, unique architecture, easy access to any kind of goods, […]

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List of residential real estate investment Turkey,

List of residential real estate investment Turkey

Residential real estate investment in Turkey offers a wide range of properties at extremely attractive prices. One can find simple, affordable studio apartments as well as luxurious penthouses and villas with sea views. For foreigners, the popular tourist cities on the coast and the cultural capital Istanbul are particularly attractive, as a large number of […]

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tapu turkey, title deed, turkish title deed,

Title Deed in Turkey (Tapu Turkey)

Tapu Turkey, A Turkish title deed, known in Turkey as TAPU, is a document that confirms the ownership of a purchased property in Turkey. It is this document that confirms the transaction, and only after you receive it are you recognized as the full owner of the Turkish property. It is important that buyers understand […]

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