Villas For Sale in Istanbul

Why buy villas in Istanbul?

Istanbul is full of amazing landscapes and excellent locations for those seeking a luxurious lifestyle with architectural designs from the top shelf of famous developers.

Villas in Istanbul for sale are also great for families, as Turkish culture, in general, is very family-oriented. So a villa in Istanbul is a perfect choice, especially if you are on a budget, because Turkey is full of properties that offer a wide range of prices starting from $400,000, which is quite affordable compared to other countries, and you end up buying something that is the dream of many!

A villa in Istanbul, first of all, offers a lot of space and many social amenities and things that you will not find anywhere else for such a price, like a private garden and Swimming Pools. Add to that, well, Istanbul! It is a very famous place for its special charm for tourists, unique culture, and heartwarming streets and Istanbul is a destination for those who want to buy a property in Turkey or invest in their businesses there, as the city has some of the most vibrant commercial areas and streets in the world, but for those who are looking for luxury homes, you can find many options with an amazing sea or forest view.

What are the prices for villas for sale in Istanbul turkey?

Real estate in Turkey is characterized by a very special feature, which is the low prices for high-quality infrastructure compared to other European countries. And there are a few factors you need to know before looking for villas for sale in Istanbul that determine the prices of properties in Istanbul in general, such as :

  1. Distance from the city center or downtown.
  2. Property area, number of rooms, and presence of private gardens.
  3. Distance from public transportation and access to main roads.
  4. The location is a determining factor for the price since there are both cheap and very prestigious areas where you can look for a villa.
  5. The view, as, for example, a sea view can drive up the price of any property.

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