Beylikduzu District


More and more foreign investors who want to enter the Turkish real estate market are choosing the Beylikduzu district, one of the most famous areas of the city and an ideal place to buy real estate.

Beylikduzu is no longer a household name. Immigrants make up the majority of the population, starting with the migration traded with Greece until today, where people live with their different racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.

The term is documented in official documents dating back to 1839.

The region is also known for its amenities, which include shopping malls and upscale shopping centers, parks, forested areas, and large parks such as the famous Al-Hayat Valley Beylikduzu Park.

Turkey, especially Istanbul, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world due to its attractive nature, ancient culture, prestigious streets, bustling markets, and its role as a cultural and commercial link between Asia and Europe.

One of the most studied things is buying real estate in Istanbul, especially sea-view properties in Beylikduzu. 

Where is Beylikduzu Located?

Beylikduzu is a district in western Istanbul, bordering the Avcilar region to the east, Esenyurt to the north, Buyukcekmece to the west, and the Sea of Marmara to the south. The distance between Istanbul city center and the airport is about 40 kilometers.


What are the best places to visit in Beylikduzu?

This district is one of the top destinations for tourists in Istanbul; especially since the district is known for its cultural centers and modern buildings, especially luxury villas in Beylikduzu.

It is a truly active area as it is full of festivals especially from July till October, as well as The Water in the Pear Field which is also a historical place. The area has many places to visit.

Some of them can speak a lot about the rich history of a city like Istanbul that goes back far in time such as Sultan Abdul Aziz Palace, which goes back in time to the Byzantine empire. The palace was built in the 11th century, and it is one of the most beautiful places you can visit in Istanbul.


Services and Infrastructure in Beylikduzu?

Hospitals: Just like the rest of the areas in Istanbul, Beylikduzu is well-served with medical centers that work on serving the residents of the area. Beylikduzu has 3 public clinics, a dialysis center, 34 dental clinics, 13 dental clinics, 3 clinics, and 4 private hospitals.

Transportation: This district is an important and strategic area that is easily accessible from the rest of Istanbul with cabs and public transportation to airports, as well as the metro bus line that runs through the city and is known as the longest and fastest transportation line in all of Turkey. 

Beylikduzu-Sabiha Gokcen metro line: Real estate in Beylikduzu has witnessed an increase in investments after the building of 91.5 km long lines by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure which would bring the length of Istanbul’s railway network to 424.85 km, according to Akram Imamoglu, the mayor of Greater Istanbul. The second project, Beylikduzu, Bagcilar, Esenler, Bayrampasa, and Gaziosmanpasa, would create a second railway system connecting Asia and Europe and make life simpler for the 17 various areas that make up Istanbul.

Universities and schools: This area has many universities and schools just like any other district in Istanbul. It has some of the most well-known universities in Istanbul like Beykent University, Esenyurt University, Kadir Has University, and Gelisim University. Beylikduzu also has many international schools, especially for Arab students as there are so many in Istanbul like Tulip schools, King Idris Al-Senussi school, Al-Fanar school, Yemeni school, and Future school.


Beylikduzu property for sale

Beylikduzu property for sale is an interesting topic for everyone who is looking to find property for sale in Istanbul, as real estate investment in Istanbul is a very common topic online, especially for foreign investors who are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul which is the top tourist destination in Turkey. 

What is the importance of the Beylikduzu district?

Beylikduzu, a rising star, has become a haven for development projects with a modern aesthetic in recent years. For all investors who pay attention to the payback period, Beylikduzu is a stop. The safest way to keep your money or even make money from it’s to invest. Since it’s monitored by more accurate budgets and calculations, the real estate sector is considered the most reliable investment option, especially after the metro line project. 

Beylikduzu – Esenyurt – Sivakoy – Engirli metro line is the project. The second project, Beylikduzu, Bagcilar, Esenler, Bayrampasa, and Gaziosmanpasa, would create a second railroad system connecting Asia and Europe and making life easier in the 17 different areas of Istanbul. The trip between Beylikduzu and Sabiha Goekçen will be reduced to one hour thanks to the second line of the railroad system, which will cross the east-west axis from one end to the other, while the average speed of metro lines in Istanbul is 35 kilometers per hour.

Beylikduzu’s public transportation links make traveling to the city center quick and easy. There’s a metro line in Beylikduzu that takes people to the Asian side of Istanbul. There’s also a proposal to offer boats that take people to both the center of Istanbul and the Asian side of the city to save them time and effort and provide them with some comfort and leisure.

What are some mega projects in Beylikduzu?

The state is building the Valley of Life, a mega-project covering an area of over 1 million square meters, in six phases, with the first phase already completed. Up to Beylikduzu Beach, the Valley of Life consists of several interconnected gardens covered with trees and a variety of flowers. The concept combines the green environment with water by including parks as well as two lakes, a fish pond, and water fountains. There are also bike paths, walking trails, and entertainment facilities for sports fans. The state intends to provide for the general needs of the community in and around the Valley of Life with clinics, hospitals, schools, and other facilities.

Valley of Life is the largest urban park in Istanbul. The state wants to give residents and other nature lovers the opportunity to relax, collect their thoughts and enjoy the beauty of nature, which helps to let go of worries and bad thoughts. This proposal is aimed at nature lovers who’re disturbed and tired by the image of towering structures and tall towers, making the city more like an integrated metropolis.

What is the real estate value in Beylikduzu?

Reality confirms that the area is experiencing significant growth in the reconstruction movement and benefits from robust new infrastructure; additionally, the modern architectural design format clarifies its architectural blocks with the diversity of its neighborhoods, which are predominantly of beautiful European design. Since the fully developed area is located on major transportation routes and its location and strategic role in serving the new urban expansion areas on the outskirts of the city is a key building plan, we can be sure to succeed on both levels when talking about housing or investment in the region.

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How far is beylikduzu from istanbul

The distance between Istanbul and Beylikduzu is 26 km. The road distance is 37.5 km.