Silivri district


Silivri is one of the top tourist destinations in Istanbul, Turkey. Silivri district is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world due to its attractive nature, ancient culture, prestigious streets, bustling markets, and its role as a cultural and commercial link between Asia and Europe.

One of the most studied things is buying real estate in Istanbul, especially sea views real estate in Istanbul, as the real estate market in Turkey is one of the leading markets. Each area of Istanbul has a different advantage from the others.


Where is Silivri Located?

Silivri is located in the far west of the city, near the European end. It is considered the second largest municipality of Istanbul after Catalca and has a total area of about 893 km2. On the Sea of Marmara, the beaches of Silivri stretch for about 45 kilometers.

Silivri is a seaside district bordering Tekirdag province and Bueyuekçekmece district, located near the westernmost point of Istanbul. Silivri is a large district but has a small population.


What are the best places to visit in Silivri?

According to the available data, the Greeks colonized and settled Silivri between 750 BC and 550 BC. Selymbria or Selybria was the original name.

In the fifth century, as a result of border conflicts between Greek nations and Byzantium, Selymbria came under the rule of Byzantium.

This city is no longer worth what it once was. Selybria came under Ottoman control in 1399 but had to be returned to the Byzantines after the Ottomans defeated Timur.

It became a part of Greece by the Treaty of Sevres in 1920. During the Ottoman occupation of Selybria, Muslim immigrants were not welcomed by the Latin and Greek inhabitants of the city walls, who lived mainly from winemaking and silk production.


Real estate in Silivri

Silivri is an important place in Istanbul because it is located on trade routes and has a port. It is also close to important land routes. Istanbul’s third bridge project is being completed and the Canakkale highway will pass through the neighborhood, making the area more important.

This will increase the value of the real estate in Silivri and increase the number of apartments for sale in Silivri. The starting price for a villa in Silivri, Turkey is around $727,000. Silivri lands and farms are good investments because future price increases are anticipated.

Many experts are upbeat about the future of the region in terms of real estate investments because of the high demand from local and foreign investors to the area, and many anticipate growth in foreign investments in the Silivri area.

They are requesting that the relevant authorities make it easier to buy and sell foreign nationals. For many years, the area has experienced an influx of foreign investors seeking to acquire land and farms in Silivri, particularly Arab investors from Arab Gulf countries, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, and other nations. According to observers, about 15% of the land sold in the region was sold to foreign investors in the past period.

The cost of real estate in Silivri is increasing even though it is far from the metropolis. In Silivri, the price per square meter for real estate has increased by 54.06% in four years. A 100-square-meter apartment normally costs 307,500 Turkish Lira.

Rental costs have also continued to rise in Silivri. The government is taking care of the area and paying close attention to innovative initiatives such as the construction of a yacht dock and the extension of the metro line. Many people are looking for Silivri villas for sale as it is one of the most popular holiday spots in Istanbul. 

Silivri, which is a great choice for buying a villa, is located on the coast of the Sea of Marmara, is one of the most important areas of the Turkish city of Istanbul and the second largest area on the outskirts of Istanbul.

Silivri is one of the 39 districts of Istanbul, located 69 kilometers west of the city center, and is known for its large and beautiful summer houses and villas. Silivri offers you the pleasure of living on the European side of Istanbul and owning a beautiful property. 

The real estate market in Silivri attracts attention because of its peaceful and quiet summer houses. The neighborhood is located on the European side of the city. It is a district on the E-5 highway, 69 kilometers west of Istanbul city center. So, for those who want to escape from the dynamics of Istanbul, the coastal city is the preferred area.

The purchase and sale of land in the Silivri region have increased sharply in recent years, resulting in a significant increase in value and demand for beautiful, luxurious villas.

What are the advantages of investing in Silivri? 

You could buy land in the Silivri area at very low prices in the past, which was allowed to build on it, but land prices in these areas have multiplied after a few years. If you are looking for a long-term or medium-term investment, buying land in the surrounding areas of Istanbul like Silivri is a good choice for you.

So why should I invest in Silivri? Here is why:

  • Tourist attractions: Swimming and water sports in the Sea of Marmara is one of the main tourist attractions in the region, which is known as a center of livestock breeding due to its many lush pastures. There are so many livestock products in this sought-after area that a festival of yogurt is held in August. And if you are a horse lover, we recommend you to go horseback riding in Silivri. There are many hotels in Silivri where you can enjoy this beautiful sport.
  • Accessibility: the biggest highway of Istanbul, the E5, will reach the area, as well as the most important means of transportation in Turkey, the Metrobus, which will also operate in the area. The Silivri area is connected by these highways to large industrial and residential areas, making it a suitable area for buying real estate on the European side of Istanbul.
  • Schools and Education: There are many public and private schools in the city that enhance the quality of life. There is one public college and two private universities in the area, which provide high-quality education to local and international students. Besides, there are seven high schools and many elementary schools in this area. So you do not have to worry about your education anymore. 
  • Historical Sites: Another recreational place is Silivri with its historical sites, such as::The Piri Mosque of Mehmet Pasha, which dates back to the Ottoman period. It is used as a museum today. Another historical site in the area is the High Bridge or Ozonekopro, which was built by Sinan architects and is still used to reach other parts of the city.
  • There are a number of international shopping malls in the area, including the Maxi International Shopping Mall, the Silivri Shopping Mall, the Sulaimaniyah Commercial and Recreational Tower, and the Buick Central Mall. If you are a lover of big stores, then this area is absolutely suitable for you. 
  • Social and medical care is very good. There are many clinics in the area, including Najim State Hospital.

Silivri is not only considered a popular tourist area in Istanbul but is also located at the junction of Kocaeli and Istanbul, which is also known as the most important shopping center in Turkey.

Is Silivri closer to Istanbul?

Silivri is Istanbul’s gateway to Thrace, and the transfer of transportation networks to the region and investment planning in the metro bus has created more advantages in affordable housing prices than in other regions with continuous development and access. In addition, the presence of an organized industrial zone in Thrace and its hassle-free structure make Thrace a point of attraction and interest for foreign investors who are beginning to think seriously about this region.

This region is the only place that can be considered for small and medium investors who cannot invest in Istanbul anymore and cannot buy land or fields with their savings due to the location of Silivri and its good transportation accessibility to Istanbul. The highways and the railroad project have also brought the Silivri district closer to Istanbul.

What is the reason for the large number of real estate investment activities in Silivri?
  • As the Silvery area has been attractive to foreign investors for a number of years, especially Arab investors, including those from the Arab Gulf States.
  • Many foreign investors from many countries around the world are working to buy apartments and farms in Silivri, often for the purpose of living or investing.
  • Observers estimate that about 15% of the land sold in the region in the past period was sold to foreign investors. Most Arab investors work to buy many apartments and rent them out during the tourist season, in addition to the farms they buy for horse breeding.
  • German investors are buying condominiums in Silivri, and the purchase of land by Greek investors is also increasing.
  • The strong demand for the area by local and foreign investors has led many observers to be optimistic about the future of the region in terms of real estate investment, with many expecting an increase in foreign investment in the Silivri area. And they are calling on the relevant authorities to facilitate the sale and purchase of a real estate for foreigners.
  • A good educational campaign for foreign investors has been launched in Istanbul and especially in Silivri, introducing them to the region and the importance of investing in real estate, facilitating the investment process, and increasing the demand for foreign investors in the Silivri region.

What are the prices of villas in Silivri, Turkey?

Villas in Silivri and property prices in general, have increased by 138% compared to last year and are expected to increase in the same way as in the surrounding areas.

The real estate prices in the Silivri area are increasing as in other areas where the prices are increasing with the increase in demand and development of services. It is expected that the area will experience a rapid upswing, so a similar trend to that of new properties can be expected.

Prices for villas in Silivri, Turkey, start at around $ 727 thousand. Investing in Silivri land and farms is a successful investment, as prices are expected to increase later.

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