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Turkish Citizenship

Turkish passport,

The Turkish passport is one of the most powerful in the world, and its holders can travel to 110 countries without a visa.

Turkish citizenship is a dream for many people, especially those who are trying to move to an open state to facilitate their lives and businesses.

Turkey is an important economic center and a link between East and West.

With the new Turkish laws, procedures have been greatly simplified to allow a large number of people to apply for citizenship, especially through real estate ownership and other non-traditional or unusual methods such as marriage and birth registration.

What are the options for obtaining Turkish citizenship?

Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment

Real estate investments in Turkey offer the possibility of acquiring citizenship if you buy a property in Turkey for at least $400.000 and do not sell it for three years and complete a real estate appraisal.
At this stage, in addition to the property deed, bank transfer receipts to the buyer and seller, and power of attorney, you must also extract the property tax number and finally translate your

Job creation

Job creation

In this method, at least 50 Turkish citizens are employed in Turkey in legal and legally registered jobs.

Bank deposit

Bank deposit

In this method, at least $500,000 is deposited in Turkish banks and a commitment is made not to withdraw it or invest the amount in Turkey for 3 years.



Turkish laws allow applying for citizenship through a legal marriage to a Turkish citizen.
Naturalization stages in Turkey through ownership:
  • Owning a property worth $400 thousand.
  • Obtaining the residence of the investor
  • Application for Turkish citizenship
  • Acquisition of citizenship after 3-6 months

What are the conditions for acquiring Turkish citizenship?

  1. The applicant must be over 18 years old
  2. Mental stability
  3. Lawful residence in Turkey for 5 consecutive years
  4. He must not be a carrier of a disease that endangers public health
  5. Does not hold a criminal record and does not pose a threat to the national security of the country.

What are the formalities required to obtain Turkish citizenship?

  1. Application form
  2. Identity card from the applicant’s home country
  3. In case of marriage, a marriage certificate and identity card of the partner and children under 18 are required.
  4. Passport photos of the family
  5. Residence permit in Turkey
  6. Real estate appraisal in case of real estate ownership
  7. Stamped bank statements of the seller and the buyer in case of real estate ownership
  8. Two personal photos of the buyer and one of the seller in case of real estate ownership

All papers should be translated into Turkish; if the applicant is not proficient in Turkish, it is better to use a desk.

What happens after acquiring Turkish citizenship?

You will receive a document from Wali “governor”, confirming that you have passed the stages of acquiring citizenship. After that, you apply for a Turkish ID and your national number.


What are the advantages of Turkish citizenship?

Living in Turkey has seen a great upsurge in all areas in recent years. It is the best option and dream of many who want to start their business and secure a better life for their families in one of the most important trading countries in the world.
It offers numerous opportunities for starting businesses, especially in the real estate sector, and offers an open market and prices for real estate that can compete with those of European countries.
Most people seeking citizenship come from the Middle East, as Turkey differs from its neighboring countries in terms of openness, strengthening of the economy, ease of doing business, security, and standard of living.
  • Turkish passport is one of the most powerful in the world, ranking 52nd in 2022
  • Allows travel to 110 visa-free countries such as Japan, Qatar, Malaysia, Brazil
  • It allows travel to 11 European countries without a visa: Albania, Azerbaijan, North Macedonia, Georgia, Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Moldova, Serbia, and Ukraine.
  • Travel to 40 countries is granted on a visa upon arrival at the airport such as Oman Authority, Kuwait, and Australia.
  • Turkish passport facilitates getting Visa Schengen to enter EU countries
  • Turkish passport allows dual citizenship
  • Turkish passport is granted the right to vote in all elections in Turkey

Exceptions to the Turkish citizenship

Turkey has begun granting citizenship to Syrians in Turkey especially those who are educated and paid more attention to those who had studied or are studying in Turkish universities, in addition to athletes and businessmen.

However, Syrians are not allowed to get Turkish citizenship through ownership of property in Turkey. 

Properties suitable for citizenship

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