Turkish citizenship for Pakistani | 2022

Turkish citizenship for Pakistani

Turkish citizenship for Pakistani, Turkey is one of the most receiving and welcoming countries for migrants.

It is not surprising that some countries suffer from many economic problems.

Because Turkey is one of the world’s most powerful economies and is on track to improve it and is the most important trading and industrial country in the Middle East region, many are looking for ways to acquire Turkish citizenship for Pakistani as both countries share good relations.

Therefore many Pakistani citizens are looking to apply for Turkish citizenship and buy property in Turkey or invest in real estate in Turkey 

Turkish citizenship for Pakistani,

Advantages of living in Turkey for Pakistanis

Turkey enjoys a strong economy and many job opportunities in specific cities where most

foreigners settle down, and since it’s a geographical linkage between Asia and Europe and is in some of the world’s strongest alliances it has many trading benefits and worldwide markets.

If you acquire a Turkish passport then it will also become very easy for you to travel elsewhere such as the USA since they have a deal called the E3 with Turkey and visa-free traveling to 115 countries!

Turkey also offers free education and healthcare which are very rare to see these days anywhere else so basically you get to enjoy higher living conditions and standards.

There are many more benefits we can list such as: 

  • Short and smooth procedures to acquire the Turkish passport
  • Free healthcare and education for your family
  • The Turkish passport is one of the highest-ranked passports in the world
  • No testing period and no minimum stay in Turkey are required
  • Acquiring the right to vote
  • Easing the process to apply for a Schengen visa
  • A safe and democratic place compared to the neighboring countries
  • Turkish nationality and passport can be delivered in 3 months
  • Citizenship is granted to all family members
  • Turkish passport allows dual citizenship for holders

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How to obtain Turkish Citizenship for Pakistani

There are multiple ways one can apply and the requirements for the Turkish passport are really simple. As a start, Pakistanis can apply for an online visa to Turkey to get a 3 months visa.

Then we can list the ways you can choose to apply for Turkish citizenship.

  1. Real estate investment 

It is the easiest and fastest way where you have to buy a minimum of a $400,000 property in Turkey 

  1. Cash deposit 

The other way is depositing at least $500,000 in Turkish banks and pledging not to withdraw them for a specified period which is usually 3 years.

  1. Business investment

Creating a business and hiring at least 50 Turkish employees.

  1. Marriage

It is one of the least taken and slowest ways, but it is one ! and it takes 3 years after getting married to a Turkish citizen

There are other ways such as citizenship by labor where you can get a passport after having a 5 years work permit in Turkey without staying more than 6 months outside the country, and there is by childbirth where giving birth to a newborn in Turkey allows you to apply for citizenship after applying for a residency permit.

Pakistanis and foreign investors will be treated equally according to Turkish laws.

Real estate investment in Turkey for Pakistanis is one of the most favorable ways and most proven since it’s risk-free and budget-friendly with high chances of an increase in returns and profit.

Turkish citizenship is also given to the entire family once you apply and fit all the conditions and it will be issued in 3 months.

Turkish passport for Pakistani,

Required documents for Turkish citizenship for Pakistani

  1. In the case of real estate investment title deed of the purchased property is required.
  2. Payment receipts from the buyer’s and seller’s accounts are stamped by the bank.
  3. A valid property evaluation report.
  4. Translated passport into Turkish and certified by a notary.
  5. Turkish tax number.
  6. Preliminary examination form (VAT-4)
  7. Marital status documents.
  8. Residency permit.
  9. Biometric photos.