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Tesla Want To Start In Turkiye

Mustafa Varank, the Industry and Technology Minister of Turkiye, recently visited the Fremont factory of Tesla in the United States. During his visit, Varank met with the authorities at the factory and discussed the potential of Tesla investing in technology and production in Turkiye. Turkiye Invites Global Brands to Invest in the Country, Including Tesla […]

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Soumela Monastery In Trabzon,

Soumela Monastery In Trabzon

Soumela Monastery In Trabzon is one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in Turkey. This monastery has a very rich history that will put anyone in awe. How to go to Soumela Monastery In Trabzon? Soumela Monastery In Trabzon is easy to reach as Trabzon has a wide range of transportation, and also hotels to […]

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International Schools In Istanbul,

The International Schools In Istanbul You sholud know

The International Schools In Istanbul, Turkey’s education system is a government-supervised system designed to ensure the country’s skilled workforce. Education is one of the top priorities for national development and accounts for 22% of the state budget. Primary education is compulsory for children aged 6 to 14, and the enrollment rate for this age group […]

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Property tax in Turkey,

Property Tax in Turkey You Should Know

Property Tax in Turkey, The subject of real estate taxes in Turkey is followed by many people due to its importance, and property taxes in Turkey are one of the lowest in the region. Therefore, we see a lot of questions about the subject and Nirvana Property will answer all your questions. What are property […]

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Turkish citizenship for Pakistani

Turkish citizenship for Pakistani | 2022

Turkish citizenship for Pakistani, Turkey is one of the most receiving and welcoming countries for migrants. It is not surprising that some countries suffer from many economic problems. Because Turkey is one of the world’s most powerful economies and is on track to improve it and is the most important trading and industrial country in […]

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