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Sancaklar Mosque in Istanbul boasts unique, modern architecture

Sancaklar Mosque, Sancaklar Mosque in Istanbul,

Sancaklar Mosque is a newly established mosque in Istanbul with very unique and modern architecture, unlike traditional mosques in Istanbul.

By separating itself from the current architectural debates centered on form and concentrating entirely on the core of religious space, Sancaklar Mosque, located in Buyukçekmece, a suburban district on the outskirts of Istanbul, seeks to solve the basic challenges of creating a mosque.

Sancaklar mosque’s guests will feel as though they are entering a subterranean cave since it is surrounded by serene greenery.

Sancaklar mosque

Information about the Sancaklar mosque

The mosque has a surface area of 7,400 m2, and it was first built in early 2014.

The mosque’s curving front creates the impression of an underground entrance. The mosque’s inner courtyard is separated into levels that come to a head at the mihrab wall.

This layout was chosen so that sunlight could enter the mosque vertically from above and help it blend into the surrounding landscape.

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The mosque’s outside walls were created to act as a barrier between the chaotic outside environment and the reverent, peaceful mood inside.

The worshiper may have left the outside world behind as he makes his way to his Creator, according to the stairway that descends.

What are the awards won for the design of the Sancaklar mosque?

The mosque received first place in the “Religious Establishments” category at the Singapore International Architecture Festival in 2013 and the “Project of the Future” award at the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona in 2011.

The mosque was recently recognized as one of the top 20 buildings of the year and received the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) International Excellence Award.

Sancaklar mosque

Who designed the Sancaklar mosque?

Emre Arolat, a Turkish architect, started work on the Sancaklar Mosque apart from the grand architectural and ornamental settings of Turkish mosques.

The architect employed contemporary urban architecture to emphasize the core elements of Islam, opting for simple and plain elements over-complicated modern building methods.

The philosophy behind the Sancaklar mosque’s design elements:

The conflict between man-made and natural elements is a recurring theme throughout the project.

This dual relationship is enhanced by the contrast between the thin reinforced concrete slab that forms the canopy and the natural stone stairs that follow the slope of the terrain naturally.

Simple and cave-like, the mosque’s interior is transformed into a majestic and inspirational environment for prayer and solitude with God. The Qiblah wall’s slits and cracks, improve the directionality of the prayer area and let light enter the prayer hall.

How to go to Sancaklar mosque in Istanbul?

Sancaklar mosque is located in the western suburbs of Istanbul, Turkey on the European side of the Sea of Marmara, in the district and municipality of Büyükçekmece.

From Istanbul to Büyükçekmece may be reached in 3 ways: by rail, taxi, or personal vehicle. Driving takes 29 minutes and costs between 90 and 130 Lira to go from Istanbul to Büyükçekmece. To go to Büyükçekmece, you may take a cab from Küçükçekmece.

As an alternative, you can get to Büyükçekmece via cab. A cab ride from Istanbul to Büyükçekmece costs between 320 and 390 Lira and takes 29 minutes. All of the previous methods will get you to Sancaklar mosque.

In Büyükçekmece, there are 283+ hotels to choose from. The nightly rate is 1.750 lira if you want to spend a day near Sancaklar mosque.

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