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Castles of Turkey: A Fascinating Look at the Country’s Rich Past

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There are many different beautiful castles in Turkey. Turkey’s Anatolia region, which geographically accommodates a variety of civilizations, has hundreds of various castles.

You are immediately drawn to these magnificent castles in Turkey.

Best castles to visit in Turkey

  • Rumeli Castle
Castles Turkey, Rumeli Castle,

Fateh Mohammed constructed this castle in Anatolia in advance of the conquest and opening of Constantinople in 1452 to ward against invasions from the northern Strait. Its most distinctive feature is that it was constructed in the Bosphorus’s narrowest location in just three months.

  • Alanya Castle
Castles Turkey, Alanya Castle,

The famous fortress in the city on the peninsula of Alanya was built by Saljuqi Sultan I Aladdin Kikubat.
The castle is located on a hill 250 meters above sea level and 6.5 meters with all its splendor facing the Mediterranean Sea. When you visit Alanya Castle in Turkey, it’s impossible not to drink tea from the tea garden and return without taking a look at the castle.
It’s a medieval castle in the southern Turkish city of Alanya. Alanya Castle in the southern Turkish city of Antalya is preparing to restore its original beauty and prestige in a large-scale restoration process that takes into account its historical architectural features.

  • Bodrum Castle
Castles Turkey, Bodrum Castle,

With its towers and square design, built by St. John’s knights. It is the most renowned castle in Turkey. A restroom was constructed inside during the time it was utilized as a jail by the Ottomans.
The “Bodrum Museum of Underwater Antiquities” is located in Bodrum Castle, which is today a popular tourist destination. At the 1995 Museum of the Year Europe Competition, the museum received “Special Praise.”

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  • Zilkale Castle 
Castles Turkey, Zilkale Castle,

It’s hard to come here and leave without seeing this magnificent castle that towers over the lush Storm Valley. Visiting the castle, which was built during the Trabzon Empire, might make you exhausted. But the breathtaking view will make you forget your exhaustion.
It was built during the Trabzon Empire and it’s pointless to travel to Turkey and skip this incredible castle that dominates the “Fertile Storm Valley”. You may be tired, but the breathtaking view will make you forget your tiredness.

  • Amasya Castle
Castles Turkey, Amasya Castle

A castle is located above the mountain Harshin. The castle was also the scene of sieges, attacks, and destructions since the time of the Persian Empire. Amasya was the scene of wars between the Romanian Republic and the Kingdom of Pontos. In the Byzantine period, it kept its strategic importance, being restored by the Ottomans in 1075 and the castle was reinforced with eight lines of defense.

  • Boyabat Castle
Castles Turkey, Boyabat Castle,

The castle was built and used by the Romans, Byzantines, and Ottomans who decorated it with exquisite vertical walls. I discovered tunnels inside that led down to an underground city built by the Romans. They can also serve as an escape route in case of blockades.
Today the castle has been turned into a museum and can be visited. It was among the top 15 historical castles in Turkey and is one of the most popular with all visitors and tourists who come to it from all over the world we offer

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  • Van Castle
Castles Turkey, Van Castle,

Since 2,841 years ago, the Kingdom of Urartu’s fortress in Tuspa, D.C., has presented difficulties. Given that it is situated on the edge of Lake Van, it provides a breathtaking view. 1800 meters long, 120 meters broad, and 80 meters high make up this object. Russian archaeologists found inscriptions mentioning King Urartu Sarduri during their excavations in 1915–1916.

  • Kizkalesi Castle
Castles Turkey, Kizkalesi Castle

As a result of the father’s efforts to protect his daughter from the serpent of Mersin, this is one of the most impressive castles in Turkey.
The most famous building in the ancient city of Korykos, Kizkalesi, which is on the tentative list of World Heritage UNESCO, is one of the places that visitors and tourists find difficult to leave due to its impeccable construction and historical architecture.

  • Mardin Castle
Castles Turkey, mardin castle,

This majestic fortress was part of the Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Persian, Romanian, Byzantine, Umayyah, Abbasiyah, Seljuks, Karakoyunlu, Aq Qoyunlu, and Ottoman civilizations. It is situated on the ancient hill of Marden. Eagle’s Nest is another name for this fortress.

  • Diyarbakir Castle
Castles Turkey, Diyarbakir Castle,

With towers and inscriptions of Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Seljuks, and Ottoman figures, Diyarbakir Castle, which is nine thousand years old, is the world’s highest and biggest defense wall after the Great Wall of China and draws millions of tourists and visitors.

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  • Kilitbahir Castle
Castles Turkey, Kilitbahir Castle

It’s a fortress located in the strait in front of the city of the fortress where there’s another fortress, the Sultan’s Fortress. It was built by Sultan Mohammed II. These fortresses were an important point for the control of the Bosporus Strait.

  • Gaziantep Castle
Castles Turkey, gaziantep castle,

Gaziantep Castle, also known as the Fortress of the Gaziantep, is a medieval castle located in the city of Gaziantep in Turkey. The castle is situated on top of a hill, providing a panoramic view of the city below. The castle was built during the Roman period, and later expanded and reinforced by the Byzantine and Ottoman empires.

The castle has a rectangular layout, with walls that are up to 3 meters thick in some places. The castle also has several towers, including a main tower that served as a watchtower and provided a strategic point for the defense of the city. The castle also has a moat and drawbridge, adding to its defensive capabilities.

Inside the castle, there are several buildings and structures, including a palace, a mosque, and a cistern. The palace was used as a residence for the governor and features intricate tilework and frescoes. The mosque is a small, simple structure, built for the use of the castle’s garrison. The cistern was used for storing water, which was essential for the castle’s survival during sieges.

Gaziantep Castle has been the site of many battles throughout history and has played a significant role in the defense of the city. Today, the castle is a popular tourist attraction, and visitors can explore the castle’s ruins, admire the views from the towers, and learn about the castle’s history through the information plaques and guided tours available.

The castle is also a great spot to watch the sunset over the city, and with all the structures, it’s not only a historical site but also a great place for photography with the view of the city, making it a must-see destination for those interested in history and culture

This is Nirvana Property’s list of the best castles in Turkey, and the most historically rich castles in Turkey to visit. Castles of Turkey is a very interesting topic as tourism in Turkey is the most important economic sector alongside real estate investment in Turkey.