Camlica Tower: The Most Spectacular Views in the World

Camlica tower, tallest tower in istanbul,

The newest monument to the city of Istanbul is the Camlica Tower, the tallest tower in Istanbul. It boasts a 360-degree panoramic view, giving viewers the finest opportunity to enjoy Istanbul from a height of 369 meters.

On Saturday, May 29, the Camlica Tower, which is thought to be the tallest tower in Istanbul, was officially opened with the participation of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

According to the Turkish Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the tower has helped to reduce visual pollution from radio and television broadcasting on Camlica Hill and serves more than 100 media outlets.

The tallest tower in Istanbul is 369 meters tall and has 53 floors, four of which are underground, and is located at an altitude of 587 meters above sea level.

Camlica tower, tallest tower in istanbul,

Where is the Camlica Tower?

The tower offers views of the entire city and the iconic landmarks of Istanbul, as well as a restaurant on floors 39 and 40 that serves a variety of Turkish cuisine and other dishes.

Additionally, the tower has a platform on each of the third and 34th floors that are designed for viewing. The tower is situated on the high hill of Camlica in the Asian side of Istanbul and is anticipated to draw 4 million or more tourists each year.

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How to get to the tallest tower in Istanbul? 

Camlica Hill is reachable by a number of means of transportation, including the metro line (M5) through the Kskl station and the tower, and is situated on Istanbul’s Asian side.

Using public transportation to go on Istanbul’s municipal buses is another option. The quickest method to travel to the Cammlica Tower from the Sultanahmet (Eminönü) region is to take a boat to Üsküdar or Kadiköy, where you can then take a cab to the tower.

The 20-minute cab journey shouldn’t set you back more than 80LT. The quickest method to travel to the Camlica Tower from the Galata Tower (Beyoglu/Karaköy) region is to take a boat to Üsküdar or Kadiköy, where you can then take a cab to the tower.

The 20-minute cab journey shouldn’t set you back more than 80LT. You can go from the Asian side from Kadikoy/Moda via a taxi, or from Uskudar via a taxi as well. 

Camlica tower, tallest tower in istanbul,

Camlica Tower features?

Undoubtedly, the breathtaking panoramic view of the Turkish megacity that you can enjoy from the top of the Camlica Tower is the most beautiful part of the climb.

You can see the Bosphorus, the Prince’s Islands, the Sea of Marmara, and the new financial district. It is important to know that the Camlica Mosque, the largest in Turkey, was inaugurated in 2019.

It is a large complex that also includes a conference center, a museum with Turkish Islamic artifacts, and an art gallery.

There are restaurants on the 39th and 40th floors of the tower, which are 393.5 and 398 meters above sea level.

There is also an observation terrace on the 33rd and 34th floors of Camlica Tower.

Camlica tower, tallest tower in istanbul,

What is special about Camlica tower?

One of Istanbul’s famous monuments, the Camlica Tower draws tourists of all ages and ethnicities.

The new tower added elegance to Camlica Hill, where all the antennae had previously been removed. In one building, there were many radio transmitters. 28 antennae were present in all, 25 in Buyuk Camlica and 3 in Kucuk Camlica.

Second tests with power outputs ranging from 3.5 kilowatts to a maximum of 5 kilowatts also produced positive outcomes. There are no issues presently preventing broadcasts from going on.

Radio broadcasters are now used in the broadcasting process. Additionally, tests for television broadcasts were successfully finished. Nearly 800 thousand people visit the tallest tower in Istanbul annually to have that fascinating and unique experience.

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