Galata Apartments For Sale

Galata apartments for sale

Galata apartments for sale, It is no secret that Istanbul is the first tourist orientation in Turkey and an important investment center for foreigners whether real estate or commercial. It is one of the world’s most important tourist cities. 

But the city of Istanbul is large and its regions are very diverse. This is one of the most important features of the city, which gives everyone the opportunity to invest because of the unequal prices.

In this article, we will talk about the Galata apartments for sale, where the famous tower, which receives millions of visitors every year in summer and winter, has a cafe and restaurant on its top floors.

Galata apartments

So why do we recommend buying apartments in Galata?

First, investing there is successful because prices in the area generally meet the prevailing needs of people looking for their first successful opportunity.

The area is suitable for the needs of families. Investment through renting will certainly be successful.

The apartments in Galata are always in demand by families to rent or just to spend their vacations in an amazing, comfortable place full of warmth and the spirit of an ancient civilization.

Secondly, the opening of Galata Port, which will promote tourism in the region and increase investment traffic in the area.

The project was started in 2016 and is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2021.

This project is not only a port but also a large number of businesses where investments can be made, such as restaurants, cafes, stores, etc.

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The project is expected to attract millions of tourists annually.

Istanbul offers many special deals in terms of real estate prices, but it varies radically from one region to another.

Perhaps the most important area is Galata in Beyoglu, where prices are often suitable for the middle class.

This old neighborhood is attracting the attention of investors and construction companies, especially the Turkish government, which is constantly working on plans for the future based on the results of tourism traffic in the area, but families stay there in similar proportions to tourists, and the greater earnings go to families looking for the perfect apartment for permanent residence or for rent.

For investors, apartments can be had for as little as $300,000, which is a good amount to apply for and acquire Turkish citizenship.

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Of course, project prices vary for a number of reasons, including the location or price of the land on which it is located, the quality of construction, and the level of completion under construction.

All of these reasons directly affect the price of the property, so you can contact our real estate consultants to answer any questions you may have about the major economic changes currently taking place in Turkey.

We will help you choose the most suitable Galata apartments for sale and inform you about all available options.

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