The Highest Mountains in Turkey – Find Out Where They Are!

highest mountains in Turkey,

It is no secret that Turkey has some of the most fantastic and beautiful landscapes and scenery in the world, and we always hear this very recurring question “what are the highest mountains in Turkey?” A country that straddles Asia and Europe, tourists visit Turkey mainly for this reason.

Mountains in Turkey get their fair share of attention with the incredible heights they reach therefore in this article we will mention some of the highest mountains in Turkey.

Highest mountains in Turkey

  • Mountain AraratMountain Ararat

At the top of the list, we have the highest mountain in Turkey; Ararat is a system of 2 mountains, Small Ararat and Great Ararat.

Both are dormant, composite volcanoes. Great Ararat is the highest mountain in Turkey with a height of 5,137 meters.

It is considered the highest peak of the Armenian highlands and present-day Turkey. The mountain is located about 16 km west of Iran.

The tops of the mountain are always covered with snow and there is also a dormant volcano on the mountain.

It is located 20 miles south of Armenia and 10 miles north of Azerbaijan and Iran. The mountain is 16,854 feet above sea level and consists of two volcanic cones: the Great Ararat (16,854 feet) and the Little Ararat (3,896 feet).

Due to global warming, the snowpack on top of the mountain has decreased significantly and now covers an estimated only 3.1 square miles, a 29% decrease over the past 35 years.

There is speculation that Noah’s Ark from the Bible landed on the mountain, which is disputed by Christian scholars who say that Ararat refers to Armenia and not the mountains.

  • UludorukUludoruk,

This mountain range is not as well known as the previous one. A little-known fact is also that this mountain has become smaller every year due to climate change affecting the glacier. It is 4,135 meters high. The terrain of the mountain is difficult to walk on because of its glaciers and some military-controlled parts.

  • Mount Suphan Mount Suphan,

This is an extinct volcano near Lake Van, the largest lake in Turkey. The mountain is known for being easier to climb than the previous ones. It stands at an altitude of 4,058 meters.

From the top, you can see a magnificent view of Lake Van as well as Turkey, Iran, and Armenia. Amateur mountaineers prefer this mountain because it is very easy to climb and is covered with beautiful wildflowers and native birds, which can be seen mainly in summer. Kurdish tribe inhabits the slopes of this mountain.

It houses the largest open-air museum in the world. This mountain is said to house the second-highest volcano in the world.

The last eruption of the volcano took place in 8050 BC. The mountain is located in the eastern part of Turkey.

  • KackarKackar,

The Kackar Mountains are an alpine-like mountain range that runs through the Black Sea region in northern Turkey.

It is the highest part of the Pontic mountain range. The area was declared a national park in 1994.

In winter, skiing, snowboarding, and even heliskiing are among the most popular activities. In summer, the extensive trails invite trekking, hiking, camping, and climbing amid the breathtaking peaks and lush green valleys.

The highest peak is 3,937 meters high. In the mountains, there are remote villages like Demirkapi.

The mountain is made of granite-diorite rock. The animals living here include butterflies, wolves, ibexes, and wild boars. Cat, Ayder, Hevek, and Tekkale are the most famous villages at the foot of the mountain.

  • Little AraratLittle Ararat,

This mountain, standing at 3,925 meters in height, is known for being a little difficult to climb, and don’t get us wrong not because of its height or terrain but because it is on the borders with Iran so you will have to check with the authorities before you climb it, as military presence is very much very present there! 

  • Mount ErciyesMount Erciyes,

This mountain is an active volcano that is of great concern because it erupts frequently and poses a threat to human life.

It is about 3,917 meters high. However, skiing is a very common activity in Kayseri, the city next to the mountain, where you can book a hotel with a Georgian view of the mountain 350 million euros have been invested in the resort and its snowboard center.

  • Mount TaurusMount Taurus,

It is located in the south of Turkey. The mountain consists of three parts with a peak of 3,756 meters that hold historical importance like the Turkish-German railway system that passed through the mountain during world war 1. 

  • Mount HasanMount Hasan,

Mount Hasan is around 3,268 meters. It is an inactive volcano with traces of obsidian mirrors and flakes therefore it’s an attraction site for tourists, especially how easy it is to climb compared to the rest. It is located in Aksaray 

  • Mount Sis

A yearly well-known festival is held that carries the name of this mountain where traditional dresses are worn by attendees. However, the mountain itself is located in Giresun, with a peak of 2182 meters.

  • Mount Nemrut

It is one of the most famous mountains in Turkey with an average height of 7000 feet, which was discovered in 1881 by a German engineer.

It holds great importance since in 1987 UNESCO made it a world heritage. It is a famous tourist attraction site as well, and this is the highest mountain in Turkey on this list before the least high one.

  • Mount Sipylus

The previous mountain is not the only one that holds great history in its rocks, Mount Sipylus or as previously known Mount Spil.

The mountain has a statue that is identified as Cybele AKA the weeping rock. Wild Tulips are very present in the mountain forest as well.

This mountain is preferred by campers and hikers where they have to go up 4,964 feet worth of beauty. Which makes it at the bottom of this list of the highest mountains in Turkey

What is the highest mountain in turkey?

Mountain Ararat