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The Grand Bazaar is one of the oldest shopping centers in the world, built in the Byzantine period and further developed during the Ottoman period.

The bazaar has 8 gates. The Grand Bazaar has been one of the most important commercial centers in Istanbul for more than 500 years.

As a trade center, the Grand Bazaar also spread religions and languages, as people came there from all over the world, and believe us, this was very important because at that time there was no Internet! Therefore, this place is a historical testimony of humanity, culture, and solidarity.

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What is special about the Grand Bazaar?

The area of the bazaar is very large to contain a large number of people and visitors and contains a large number of stores that revive the economy of this area, which is one of the most famous places for tourists, especially those who follow in Istanbul.

The Grand Bazaar is relatively simple and old compared to the modern shopping centers in Istanbul and spectacular with its luxury, but the bazaar is still particularly significant because of its antiquity and related history, unlike the rest of the places for centuries, this place is still center that people and the place where you can find everything that is at stake.

This place is a cultural heritage for all mankind, as the Ottoman Empire had its cultural impact on so many countries, especially as a trade center between East and West.

The Grand Bazaar, the most popular place for tourism, is a special place where trade and culture merge and is seen as a hope for a heritage of Istanbul’s past.

The great cultural and tourism importance of the Grand Bazaar 

The Grand Bazaar is visited by about 700 thousand people, most of whom are tourists. This place is of great historical importance, as it is the oldest bank in the world, through which 60% of Turkish gold used to be exported.

In the past, travel and trade were not as easy as it is today, because before there were planets, terrain decided everything, as everyone knows, Istanbul is the crossroads between Europe Asia, and Africa, which gave the city an amazing strategic location that focused on the Grand Bazaar, which was built on a land of 45 thousand square meters with a dome-shaped ceiling, holding 68 squares.

The Grand Bazaar was built on a land of 45 thousand square meters with a dome-shaped ceiling and houses 68 stores where you can find handmade goods in the past the goldsmiths who exported all the gold that Sultan Mehmet Fatih had built according to records, and it is amazing to see the change with your own eyes, how everyone can shop and enjoy this place instead of just the wealthy.

However, the Grand Bazaar was also famous for fabrics, especially the famous Turkish carpets and jewels, and especially the handicrafts that were displayed in this place with the most amazing handmade materials and products that people have ever seen.

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The architecture of The Grand Bazaar

This place gives the feeling of being in a labyrinth, as it spreads over a very large area and houses many streets and alleys and over 2500 stores with thousands of people.

So if you are here for the first time, it is good to have a guide with you or just read a guide before you get lost! contains the Grand Bazaar, which has a rectangular layout, with 2 rows of stone pillars, 3 rows of bays, and 5 in each row.

Each bay is surrounded by bricks and there are 44 cellars built into the interior and exterior walls.

There are also rectangular windows located under the roof, accessible through a wooden passage.

There are also 4 gates through which the building can be entered: the Sahaflar Kapisi in the north, the Takkeciler Kapisi in the south, the Zenneciler Kapisi in the west, and the Kuyumcular Kapisi in the east.

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Things to do in The Grand Bazaar? 

  • The aroma of Turkish coffee, If you visit the Grand Bazaar, you should not leave without trying the authentic Turkish coffee that will enchant your senses with its smell and taste, It is one of the most authentic coffees in the world since the Ottoman Empire was founded in the 16th century. Turkish coffee is known all over the world, so it is an absolute must!
  • Handicrafts! Some of the oldest crafts in history are handicrafts that have always been sold in the Grand Bazaar with amazing designs and colorful materials that will amaze you if you are interested in this type of thing. Each ally has a name related to his craft, for example, carpenter blacksmith or goldsmith … Etc. Turkish antiques are known to everyone because of the long history of the country with the trade of first-class crafts.
  • Spices! It’s as simple as that. Turkish spices have been known to everyone since ancient times when the Ottomans brought the best spices from the East to Europe.