Besiktas district

Besiktas district,

Besiktas district of Istanbul is regarded as the city’s second center after the well-known Taksim area.

It also boasts picturesque views of the majestic Bosphorus Strait on the city’s European side and offers tourists pleasurable recreational and cultural activities that blend in with the city’s other popular tourist attractions. Being only 3.2 km apart, the most well-known part of Taksim is easily accessible from the Besiktas region, and several transit options are available from Akartlar station to Taksim Station.

Turkey, especially Istanbul, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world due to its attractive nature, ancient culture, prestigious streets, bustling markets, and its role as a cultural and commercial link between Asia and Europe.

One of the most studied things is buying real estate in Istanbul, especially sea views real estate in Istanbul, as the real estate market in Turkey is one of the leading markets. Each area of Istanbul has a different advantage from the others.


Where is Besiktas Located?

This district is located in the European part of Istanbul. It is very accessible via public transport. 

Besiktas district,

What are the best places to visit in Besiktas?

Besiktas district represents the warmth of the culture in Istanbul. It is rich with beautiful scenery and places you can go to enjoy the fresh air and mesmerizing greenery, besides entertainment services and prestigious restaurants. You can visit the following places if you are new to Istanbul and want to have a good experience: 

Besiktas coast: The area has a long and beautiful coastline with many fun activities as it is considered to be one of the best beaches in Istanbul. 

Dolmabahce Palace: It was the administrative center of the Ottoman Empire, but now it is a tourist destination. It is one of the most glamorous palaces in the world as it contributes a lot to the real estate value in Besiktas. 

Besiktas Bazaar: If you want to have a true experience of Turkish culture and a heavy taste of rich history then you must visit the bazaar where you can find all types of handicrafts and vendors for very cheap prices.

Yildiz Park: One of the most famous parks in Istanbul that has hundreds of trees and various species of flowers and roses. It is one of the best scenes that you can witness in Istanbul. The park also includes a palace that has a view over the Bosphorus

Services and Infrastructure in Besiktas?

Transportation: Besiktas is easily accessible from most areas in Istanbul therefore it increases property values. 

Hospitals: There are around five medical centers in the area including clinics and a state hospital.

Education: Besiktas is the home of one of the most important universities in Istanbul which is the Bosphorus University and Bahcesehir. 

Besiktas district,

Real estate in Besiktas?

Besiktas district has been witnessing an increase in residential complex development. You can find many suitable options for property for sale in Besiktas.

It is considered one of the most important and significant regions of Istanbul.

The area overlooks the Bosphorus Strait, one of the most important and impressive waterways in the world.

The area benefits from its positive reputation as the second center of Istanbul; all these factors have made it a fertile field for investment, as real estate investment in the Besiktas area has proven to be a safe and lucrative venture.

The presence of schools, hospitals, and universities has also increased the success rate of investments.

Besiktas has become more significant than buying an apartment in the suburbs of Istanbul, as the value of real estate there is constantly increasing, increasing the likelihood of a profitable investment.

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