Bahçelievler District


Bahcelievler district is a sizable residential neighborhood. It begins at Istanbul’s D.100 motorway, which spans 5% of the city’s area and runs from the airport to the city’s Asian neighborhood.

There are more than 598,454 people living in the district. It is situated in Bakirköy’s northernmost region, which is a neighborhood like this.

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Where is Bahçelievler Located?

Bahcelievler is located on the European side of Istanbul. There are 11 residential districts in the region, bordering Bagcilar district to the north, Bakirkoy district to the south, Gongoren and Zeytinburnu districts to the east, and Kucukcekmece district to the west.


What are the best places to visit in Bahçelievler?

In Bahçelievler, you can do a variety of fun activities with your loved ones. Shopping malls, parks, and picnic areas are places where you can pass the time.

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Services and Infrastructure in Bahçelievler


In addition to the light rail, Bahçelievler can also be reached by bus, a minivan, or a vehicle via the E5 expressway.

The E5 expressway runs through the Bahcelievler region and provides convenient access from all parts of Istanbul. In addition to the metro and public buses, the Metrobus, Istanbul’s main public transportation system, also passes through this area.


The famous Turkish Culture College, numerous educational institutions, language institutes, as well as numerous state, private, and international schools, the most famous of which are Al-Aqsa, Al-Manar, and the Iraqi Academy of Knowledge, make Bahcelievler the epicenter of education in the city.

Medical Center

The public facilities here are very good and secure everything its residents need. Bahcelievler District is home to the most famous government and private hospitals, such as Medipol Hospital and 34 Private Hospital, as well as the famous MediCana Hospital


Apartments in Bahçelievler

Even people who work in neighboring districts prefer to live in Bahçelievler because there are many transportation options.

The population of the district is growing every day due to the established economic, educational, and health prospects, so the real estate market in this area has become a significant investment tool.

In addition to the continuous rise in project prices, especially those still under construction, they’re highly sought after by foreign investors in an effort to double profits by setting a record high price on delivery.

More importantly, Bahcelievler enjoys a high investment priority due to its proximity to the Basin Express Main Road, and has become a valuable and important site in the eyes of major investors – some even called it the second track area!

It’s worth mentioning that Basin Express Road is the central nerve of the city, cutting through Istanbul from north to south, forming a straight line starting from the Bakirkoy area near the former Ataturk Airport and reaching the new Istanbul Airport in the Arnavutköy region.

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